What’s Xavier Doing in Logan? (SUPER SPOILERIFIC THEORY)

Before I get started, kudos to Reddit user Jboogs1 for coming up with a similar theory around the same time I did. Credit where credit is due, they posted before I started writing this, so check out their version of this theory over at Reddit.

Also, everything in this article is entirely unproven. I have no confirmation from 20th Century Fox, James Mangold, Hugh Jackman, or anybody. However, if you are the type who prefers to go into a movie completely blind (I respect that, by the way), you may want to avoid this article for now, as it contains speculative spoiling.

If you haven’t born witness to the overbearingly incredible trailer for what’s looking to be Fox’s next sorely needed success, then here it is. You’d best watch it before reading on, because it’s what we’re going to be talking about in this article.

Mining from the veins of The RoadBook of Eli, and The Last of Us, it’s looking like James Mangold and his team have something special prepared for us. We already know that it’s likely to be Jackman’s last turn in the role, so expect him to put everything into this probable finale. However, this could full-well be the send-off to yet another X-Men veteran. After all, in case you somehow missed it, that is indeed acclaimed actor Sir Patrick Stewart back as Charles Xavier who seems to be accompanying Logan on his journey. This presents an interesting and unique question.

What Is Xavier Doing In This Movie?

Well, that depends on which Xavier you’re talking about: the very real Xavier who is dying on the gurney or the psychological construct riding in the back of Logan’s truck.

Yes, you read that right. Anyone with eyes can tell that Xavier (likely among many others) is going to die somewhere within the film. My suspicion is that it will be earlier rather than later, and it will be his dying wish that drives Logan to unsheathe his claws one last time.

Proof you want? I don’t have any, but I do have some speculative analysis:

First off, we already know that Professor Charles Xavier is a telepath. Even though information has come out that his powers are growing unstable with age, he clearly still has them. Feasibly, we can infer that he might use them to create an afterimage of himself in Logan’s mind that would guide his weary soul and stay him from inaction. Honestly, even if that’s not the case, the trailer gives us a clear picture that Logan has taken to heavily hitting the bottle since we last saw him, so it could even be that his survivor’s guilt manifests itself into the hallucinogenic form of the most long-standing moral compass he’s ever had.

Secondarily, the Xavier in the truck is far more, let’s say, coherent than the one on the gurney. The description in the article I linked to above (here it is again for the lazy) mentions that Charles does not even remember Logan at times. I may be reading more into body language and tone of voice, but the Charles Xavier getting Miss Daisied around in the trailer seems a bit too lucid for that. I will admit, this is by far the weakest point of speculation I have here, as he could be suffering from Alzheimer’s, which would allow for periods of lucidity.

Thirdly, the large majority of footage regarding Xavier is either him dying on the gurney or him hanging out only with Logan and the girl (who I’m pretty sure we’re all allowed to say is X-23). It all feels a bit too reminiscent of The Sixth Sense to me (if you don’t know what I mean by that, come on, it’s been out for 17 years already). There are some shots of Xavier getting his freaky mind thing on with a whole bunch of (probably doomed) commandos, but that could easily be toward the beginning of the film.

Finally, and most importantly, there’s the action. Logan is absolutely wild in this trailer. He’s clearly on the full offensive in the scenes we’ve been shown, and that’s not something that tends to happen when you’ve got an infirmed, elderly man sitting around nearby. Considering that Logan’s idea of a safehouse is an overturned water tower, the chances of him finding actual safe places for his friend to nap while he does that not very nice thing that he does are slim to none.

So that’s my view of it. That’s my theory for how Professor Charles Xavier fits into the movie Logan. Could I be wrong? Oh, absolutely! In fact, if you think I am wrong, I invite you to tell me just that in the comments. If you think I’m right, feel free to tell me that too.

No matter what, though, I’m just excited to get one last run with my favorite Wolverine.

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